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Business Loans

Working Capital Lines of Credit

A working capital line of credit is designed to meet your company’s short-term financing needs, such as making volume purchases or taking advantage of trade discounts.

Formula Revolving Lines of Credit (Accounts Receivable and Inventory)

A formula revolving line is designed to supplement a borrower’s cash flow. Typically a more permanent source of working capital financing, customized for companies that are experiencing high levels of growth in sales which require an increased investment in accounts receivable and inventory which the company cannot provide internally.

Term Loans and Equipment Financing

Term financing is offered by Tri-Valley Bank for the purposes of purchasing equipment, providing permanent working capital and tenant or leasehold improvements. In addition to traditional term financing, Tri-Valley Bank offers customized guidance line facilities which provide the flexibility of a draw down line of credit that culminate in a term loan. Tri-Valley Bank will also provide term financing for planned expansion and corporate acquisition.

Commercial/Industrial Real Estate Financing

Mini-Permanent real estate financing for both owner/ user and investment projects. Financing for purchases of new properties or to refinance existing projects are available.

Credit Cards

Mastercard for your business use.

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